When you think of internet challenges does it conjure up images of numbskulls choking on cinnamon?  Or perhaps, how many peeps you can fit in your mouth?  No, these aren’t like that.  You’re better than that, and we won’t stand idly by as members of TEG go about making themselves jesters of the internet.  You’re welcome.  These challenges represent the four pillars of our philosophy: Willpower, Strength, Knowledge, and Endurance.  With these feats you will be tested, and if successful you will have a true sense of pride!  Do you really think the guy who did eat cinnamon without choking felt that, or still does?  With every challenge there will be four levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, TEG.  These challenges are not designed to be impossible, but you will be tested.  Have fun, good luck, and remember; only you can prevent improvement!