Reasons To Avoid Processed Foods

Welcome young warrior, you’ve trekked far and wide seeking refuge from the invasion of many outside powers.  Your people have been ravaged and forced into new ways of thinking.  It wasn’t overnight; they came slowly with greetings of comfort.  Your people were lulled into hypnosis, you watched on helplessly as more and more of your closest friends and family were consumed by their mystic ways.  Now, as you and a small group wander the middle aisles wondering whom to trust you see you’re not alone.  Groups from all over are gathering and discussing the old ways, a revolution has begun.  Well, maybe not this dramatic but here’s why you shouldn’t eat processed foods.

Salt Is Salt Unless It Is Sodium Benzoate Or Sodium Phosphate

If you have experience prepping and cooking your own meal you know that you season with salt to taste, right?  Perhaps add a dash at the end if the flavor is just a little off.  That’s fine; we don’t do it, but if you need a little more salt go ahead.  But, as you assumed your chef form have you ever reached into the spice rack for sodium benzoate or sodium phosphate?  No, you would have no need.  These are preservatives, we have refrigerators and it’s also the 21st century (salt as a preservative is an ancient technology).  However, if you’re a company that wants to ensure a long shelf life for a product to keep prices down this is quite useful.  Is it harmful towards you?  Depends, salt is an essential mineral used by our bodies to sustain life.  Most bodily functions require the use of sodium.  However, the levels in these prepared meals are sometimes the amount needed for an entire day, in one meal!  So, you can see how quickly the numbers will add up if you rely on these foods 6 times a day!  At high quantities salt can do a number of things to your body.  If you’re a health conscious person, trying to lose weight, a weight lifter, or are working on your physique this should concern you.  First of all, at high doses salt promotes water retention.  This will make you look “soft” and counter your weight loss efforts (by means of adding water weight).  A diet high in sodium has also shown to increase blood pressure; which leads you down a whole road of health issues.  An issue not really considered by most, and should be alarming to weight-lifters/bodybuilders/power-lifters, is that when sodium gets excreted from the body it takes calcium with it.  At normal sodium levels this is healthy.  However, if you’re consuming 3000+ milligrams of sodium a day this could be a problem; because with elevated sodium depletion also means elevated calcium depletion.  So, a high concentration of sodium intake results in a high concentration of calcium excretion, which (if your diet isn’t equally high in calcium) causes a calcium deficiency and in turn can increase risks for osteoporosis.  Bad if you lift weights, if you catch my drift.  However, there may be something even worse for your weight lifting efforts.  Something that every: bodybuilder, power-lifter, model, person trying to improve their physique/lose weight, male should be concerned with.  

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